Write a Note on the Relation Between Beatrice and Poisonous Plants in Rappaccini’s Daughter:

Write a Note on the Relation between Beatrice and Poisonous Plants:

Answer: Beatrice was a young girl of loveable nature. She was full of life, health and energy. She had innocent nature, “she is as beautiful as dawn”. The relation between Beatrice with magnificent plants was as profound as blood relation of any girl with human sister.

The significance of particular bush was most from all other plants. It was set in stone jar in the middle of the pool that bore many purple flowers, each that had the richness of a jewel. The whole together made a show so bright that it seemed enough to light up the garden even had there no sunshine. Beatrice loved and liked that bush, particularly because she breathed its smell. It was her favorite plant. She often called her sister, human sister. When, Dr. Rappaccini decided to entrust (سپرد کرنا) particular plant; she accepted that responsibility eagerly, (شوق سے) and put her arms around it saying in excitement, “yes my sister, my splendor, it shall be Beatrice’s task to nurse you and serve you, and you shall reward her with your kisses and sweet breath which to her as the breath of life”.

Actually, Beatrice’s relation with poisonous plants, particularly, magnificent plant was natural because, when she was born, this magnificent plant grew from soil. During the meeting with Giovanni, she told about the particular plant, “I, dearest Giovanni, grew up and flowered with the plant and was fed by its breath. It was my sister, and I lived it with a human love”.

In short, the relation of poisonous plants, particularly, the magnificent plant with Beatrice was very profound and it plays an important role in the story.

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