Write an application to your employer to raise your salary.



                                                The Chief Executive Officer,

                                                Descon Engineering Company,

                                                (Pvt) Ltd. Davis Road, Lahore.

   Subject: “Request for an immediate increment in the salary”.

Honorable Sir,

With profound (گہری) and humble (عا جزانہ) submission (اطاعت گذاری) to enunciate (اظہار کرنا) that I have been employed in your firm for the last four years and contributing my best abilities and caliber (قابلیت) to your reputed firm. We have a very congenial (دوستانہ) and friendly atmosphere in this company. But many employees including me are really downcast due to dearness and other domestic financial problems in which are forcing us to live from hand to mouth. On the behalf of my whole colleagues, I kindly implore (التجا کرنا) you to make a reasonable increment (اضافہ)  in our salary so that we can manage our financial matters with ease. I hope you will take my application under your kind and positive consideration.

                                                                   Thanks in anticipation.

                                                                    Yours Truly,


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