Whistling of The Birds, Urdu Translation and Critical Analysis, Lecture No 1

Whistling of Birds by Bob Herbert Lawrence is an interpretation of the vividness of his essay and his own creative perspective and thought. In this essay he has elucidated the modification of seasons- consist of winter to spring- in an amazing way by the use of pictures, similes and metaphors..

Winter, as he narrates, brings woe and causes damage. The brilliant snow that continual for several weeks triggered the loss of life of birds. The remains of the beautiful bevy of birds – lapwings, starlets, thrushes, humiliated distribute in the areas. The “invisible monsters of prey” had wolfed the birds. The winter season had massacred the music birds and their blood-soaked themes were distribute all around. The people that could not protect themselves against its rigors shivered with cold and were revealed to the rage of stinging cold gusts of wind. Winter thus had brought a host of problems to the poor spirits…

Everyday life is an ongoing process; seasons also move in a cycle and follow each other. Winter year is the indication of loss of life while springtime is the indication of life. When winter comes, everything begins to die out. Results in of plants begin to wither. There is snow everywhere. Birds die out and their remains to be in the shrubs and ground cast the dark areas of loss of life. Death seems to float all about but this remains for only sometime then the change comes. It is the arrival of springtime which is the indication of life. Things beaten by winter start to recover and restore their life. Birds forget the remains to be of dead and whistle to welcome the springtime and new life. The divisions of plants give birth to new leaves and plants starts to rule. Frost burns and provides way to rays of life. There is everywhere whiteling of birds make new life to all living things is here a symbolic word for life.

whisling of birds lecture 1 by Liaqat007

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