What was the behavior of the killers towards the members of the lunchroom?

How did the killers treat the members of the staff of the restaurant?

Answer: The behavior of the killers towards the member of lunchroom was totally rude and ridiculous. They misbehaved everybody of member of lunchroom. They made fun of the young boys. They also threatened them in very awkward (گھٹیا انداز سے) way. In the very beginning of the story, they used very rough language by no means. “What the hell do you put it on the card for…Oh the hell with the clock,” Although they were not owner of the restaurant, yet they behaved and treated then like a servant. When George watched them eating with their gloves on. Max suddenly upbraided (ڈانٹنا) George “What are you looking at … the hell you were. You were looking at me …you don’t have to laugh at all, see?” They also made fun of them calling different names like “bright boys”, “dumb” and a “thinker”. When Al was arranging them, like their plan, George asked, “What’s the idea?” Al replied, “None of your damn business”. They ordered the members in commanding tune.

After inquiring about Nigger, “Tell him to come in”. When Al gagged Nick and Sam with in towel in the kitchen, Max made fun of the George while Al in the kitchen, was making fun of the two members.

“The nigger and my bright boy are amused by themselves. I got them tied up like a couple of girl friends in the convent?” At the end of the story, when they were about to leave Al asked Max, “what about the two bright boys and the Nigger.” Actually, he wanted to kill them but Max did not agree. They frightened (خوفزدہ کرنا) them to death. When they went, they left a lot of terror by their behaviour.

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