Student’s Main Reason of Failure in BA English Examination

Every year the students of BA English of Punjab University and Sargodha University (Both have same syllabus and material books) appear in the examination total success rate average of all subject is not more that 35%, if we calculate from these only English Subject of B.A as this percentage is included with B.Sc. is more that 80%. So if we find only the ratio of B.A English success rate, it not more that 5% to 8%. So, I can say the TOTAL FAILURE RESULT OF BA ENGLISH IS MORE THAN 90%.

Do you want to know what is the main reason of failure such a large number of student. Here are some very useful and main tips for students

If you are also the student of BA ENGLISH, then this article is very interesting for you that I am publishing to my website; no doubt, it is my 1st post in my website to focus the basic reason of student’s failure in ENGLISH subject. I will also translate this whole post for the student who are very weak in English to understand what I am saying in this post before start our tutorial program and share with you my Video Lectures that I have designed especially for the students who cannot find proper tutor and cannot understand   the basics of preparation of English subject.

I have in my 15 year Experience of teaching BA English Punjab University; I have found some major points that are the main reason for B.A Student’s failure. Let me discuss these in some points.

None Seriousness:

Most of the students get admission in the colleges and Academies without any serious mind of success. They enter in the college to just waste the time in irregular activities like chatting with friends, using Facebook and if there is co-education in the college or academies (most of the academies and private colleges have co-education), their main target is only to trap the girls for friendship and for date (Both sexes males and females have same practice). This non-seriousness of the students drag the to the failure in Examination

Over Confidence:

Some Students are very intelligent and get good marks in F.A class. They are proud and don’t not pay attention to their subject English.  They take BA English Punjab University very light and consider that will succeed in the examination after 2 to 3 months preparation same as they did in F.A, where they had to give the answer of 2 to 3 lines or even less. They don’t know that such confidence will drag them to failure as they don’t know that they need at least 100% more preparation and seriousness to clear the B.A English.  This the main reason of their failure in the examination.

Environment of Government College is Also the Big Issue:

The government college environment is also main factor to spoil the students. There are no rules and regulations implemented practically. There is no restriction for the student to attend the class regularly.   We see no respect of the professors and the students have no fear to be stuck off the college. The college professors are also very non-serious for the future of students. They come deliver the lecture in their high Standard English and go without noticing either their weak students have captures his accent, vocabulary and teaching method or not. Some professors and lecturers even do not allow students to ask any question during lecture, so majority of student who don’t understand their method of teaching, and become fed up and leave attending the class. In this way they don’t cover the syllabus and final result comes in shape of failure.

Weak Grammar and Writing Skills:

The most dangerous issue of the failure of BA English Punjab University is their weak grammar and writing skills. After their 12 year of academic life, they are still unable to have the ability of self-writing. They don’t know the basic structure of sentence and grammar method. They cannot write even 50 words and naturally they are unable to capture the whole syllabus and 4 books. Though many teachers provide them their notes of short question from 150 words to 250 words, still they cannot learn them.   Their practice in FA class was only to write short questions and this practice of learning only short questions of 2 to 3 lines mean 15 words to 30 words make them too dull and too weak to learn question of 150 words to 250 words.

I have found these main points of failure of BA English in my 15 year teaching of BA English. These were very essential thing to highlight for my students who want to learn BA English from my online lectures and my tutorial programs, so that you keep in mind all these things. In my next article I will also provide my students the most essential tips how to learn and captures the BA English to succeed in the examination in their 1st attempt and get B.A Degree.


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  1. sir mentioned reasons are very authentic and accurate.i am the student of b.a from p.u kindly recommend me the book which led me understand the course of the b.a

  2. I agree but I think one more major reason is this that most of students appear in b.a are those who are always weak students. Because good students choose Med. Eng.and other fields.

          1. sir important chp english k bta dey k kam time mey wo prepare ker k paas ho jaon…please

  3. Right saying sir
    i’ll call you soon and order you for the hard copies
    hope it will HELPFUL for me and other students

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