What is Theme of The Story The Happy Prince?


What is moral lesson of the story?   

Answer: The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde s a beautiful story emphasizing the need of service of humanity. It is purely imaginary story, which may be called a Fantasy or fairy tale.  The Happy Prince is like the present-day ruler living distantly from the people. The suffering, pains and problems of common, needy people remain hidden from the view of prince and kings like our own living in ivory towers. The nice and wonderful experience mentioned here could not be possible in our real life. The writer also wants to show how the rulers or so-called elite of human society lead a life of comfort and luxuries, far removed from the actual world of problem, miseries and sorrows faced by the common man.

The story also teaches us moral lesson that we should minimize the suffering and misery of human life. It also teaches real purpose of man’s lie is to serve humanity. It is service of humanity, which brings inward beauty to the status though his outward beauty if body and from are torn to pieces.

 The real happiness is not found in living a selfish life of luxuries and pleasures, but in sharing the anguish and problems of common person. Those who suffer for the sake of others and sacrifice their own interests for welfare of others endear themselves to God. The Prince gave away his precious stones and gold of his body to poor, needy people and himself became ugly and horrible. The Swallow too rendered a great service to humanity. He decided to live with the Prince; it is service to humanity, which won the pleasure of God to both the Prince and the Swallow.                                                               

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