what is the Role of Eva in the Take Pity?

Eva is self-respecting and self-determined woman. Discuss it. 


Give your own impression of the personality of Eva.

Answer:          Character of Eva

Eva is an important character in the story. She plays an important role in explaining theme of the story. Eva is an embodiment (personification) of human pride and the feeling of self-respect. She is the widow of polish refugee, Axcel Kalish. She is Jew and she and her husband have left their country because of atrocities of the Hitler’s regime (government). We do not have her physical feature but we can imagine that she is young-looking attractive widow of 38 with two little daughter. 

We note Eva’s faithfulness to and love for her husband, Axcel Kalish. May be she is weak body, but she has a very strong character. She has strong determination and self-confidence. In spite of the greatest economic slump of the thirties, she rejects all the offers of help forwarded by Rosen, ex-coffee sales clerk. She is egoist (self-honored) who is not ready to sell her prestige and honor in the eyes of others just to get a few morsels of food for herself and her starving daughters. She emphasizes the need of grace and dignity in human life. 

He invests the 1000 dollars that she gets of her husband’s life insurance and hopes to boost up the store with that amount. She works day and night like an ox or horse, still, stores goes down day by day. She remains the paragon (model) of determination, self-respect and patience under all circumstances. She does not like that any body take pity on her and should offer “charity” to her daughters. She rejects Rosen’s first offer to stay in his house. She says to Rosen, “but charity we are not needing”. However, she comes to know that Rosen loves him sincerely, has transferred his whole property in her name and has attempted to kill himself for her sake, she surrenders herself to him. She comes to his house to beg pardon for misunderstanding him and stands in front of window of his bedroom with raised arms and entreating eyes, Rosen abuses her and sends her away to her children. 
In short, Eva is a noble woman and we cannot help admiring her.

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