The Whistling of Birds: The incompatibility of life and death: Lecture No 2

In the essay the whistling of birds, D.H Lawrence throws light in the utter incompatiblity of death with life. The writer presents two different pictures. One picture is winter and other is of spring.   D.H Lawrence discusses beautifully the picture of destruction in initial stage of the essay as the winter, frost, snow, death, destruction are all the intense elements for birds’ life. The other picture is of spring, whistling, excitement, silver sounds and voices, life, please. All these elements are very rejoicing for birds’ life and they give new optimism to life.  Snow is lying everywhere and the caresses of dead birds is lying on the snow, but hence the dove, starts cooing and whistling in the air, filling the atmosphere with brightness and life. No doubt, “The world is dead! Long live the world”.

Still the stress is laid by the writer on the point that both life and death, winter and spring are incompatible with each other.   When there is death, there is no life, when there is life, there is no death. This is rule of nature as learnt by the writer through his deep observation of natural phenomena.

Death and life are the two most important and vital phenomenon of nature. Neither can check the other and the picture of the universe completes with both of these colors. One destroys, the other makes; one kills; the other
produces. One is death; other is life. The death symbolizes the darkness and spring symbolizes brightness.

Now watch the lecture to clear more points in the video:

whisling of birds lecture 2 by Liaqat007

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