The Vanishing Village, Explanation and Critical Analysis

The Vanishing Village is very important poem written by R.S Thomas. Thomas has beautifully criticizes the villagers who are migrating to the urban areas for better life, facilities and destroying villages. The Vanishing Village is a service for the dead  for a village.  According to the modern media magnus, this world is turning fast into a ‘Global Village’ without villages. The unabated, unchecked, large-scale migration towards cities goes on worldwide. The poet-priest Thomas believes that a village in any shape or form is, as it was in Plato’s thinking is the basic centralist unit if human habitat and of human civilization.the vanishing village

In the opening lines the poet presents a gloomy picture of the village a victim of neglect and desertion by its inhabitants. Life has come to a standstill. However, it has not lost meaning altogether. There is an undercurrent of vitality and dynamism beneath the apparently hopeless cover of sloth and stagnation. The poet yearns for a revival of the colorful life and civility for the ideal Greek village after the vision of Plato.

vanishing village by Liaqat007

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