The Shadow in the Rose Garden, Lecture No 4, Urdu Translation

This is last lecture of the short story, the shadow in the rose garden. This is climax scene of the short story give us a lot of information about the story:shadow in the rose garden

We see much emotional tension in this lecture with husband and wife. We see the depiction of love and hatred. A love transcending all kinds of selfishness. “But she aid no heed to his words, only she attended him”, “we loved each other and we were lovers-we were.” And a hatred which had an anguish of necessity: ” I mean how long were you carrying on with him”; ” I hate your not-straightforward questions”, “You mean you had your fling with an army man, and then came to me to marry me….” This situation is gradually developed in the story. In the last part of the story, there is disillusionment: “At last he had learned the width of breach between them”; and finally the resolution necessitated by the two characters ; ” they were both shocked so much, they were impersonal, and no longer hated each other”. This is an acute realization of the fact that we as man and woman have to redefine our relationship with intense impersonality and sense of actuality. Otherwise the emotional strains and stresses are so powerful and persistent that shall drive us mad.

Now watch the Video lecture of this last scene:

shadow in the rose garden lecture no 4 by Liaqat007

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