The Schoolboy is a passionate lover. Discuss in The Light of Araby:


How does James Joyee show the effect of love on its victim?


Discuss the intensity of the schoolboy’s love with the reference to Araby.   


What is effect of adolescence love on the Young Lover?

Answer: The view of human life has been illustrated through the love affairs of a small boy and his frustration resulting from his unfavorable circumstances of life and his own unreasonable attitude. The writer has described the intensity of the schoolboy’s love at various places. From his description, the schoolboy appears to be a passionate lover.
The lover was a schoolboy of ten years with a romantic mind, strong imagination and different nature. He was living a blind end of alley of the town, depending upon his uncle and aunt with whom he lived. He loved Mangan’s sister very passionately, but he could not express his feelings. So, he looked at her form a distance without saying anything and without telling anything. The narrator says, “I had never spoken to her, except for a few casual words, and yet her name was like a summon to all my foolish blood.” Even in the classroom, he kept on thinking about her. Her image came between him and the pages he tried to read. The young lover felt that his body was like a harp, while the words and gestures of his beloved acted like fingers running upon the strings and moving his whole being ecstasies. Unfortunately, he proved to be a bashful and the love frankly to his beloved. Sometimes he wanted to get rid of his senses too. He usually murmured: O love! O love! Sometimes from the window of his house he looked at her house, he looked her house. He had become so much intense in his love that now her image was always before his eyes.

So, we see the intensity of the schoolboy’s love in this story Araby. His love had become his whole business. This was effect of love on its victims.  

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