The Old Man and The Sea Urdu Translation Lecture No 3

This is 3rd lecture of BA English Paper A, 5th Question on The Old Man and The Sea. In This lecture we will see main points like

The old man and the boy discuss about lottery to try their luck and the boy encourages to get the whole list from seller in debt, or to borrow.

We see old man’s humbleness too to advise the boy not to borrow or beg the list from anyone.

After this the boy goes for sardines for old man, and when he comes back, he observes old man’s shoulder, very powerful and strong though he his neck and shows no life,  as symbols of power and strength.This part also shows old man’s simplicity and humbleness. As the boys comes to bring supper for old man from inn, he thanks for old man as well as the owner of inn who also serves them to provide them spoons and forks for supper.We also see the boys faithfulness and sincerity when boys says. ‘You’ll not fish without eating  while i am alive’.

Then both the old man and the boy discuss about baseball and DiMaggio who is the good player of baseball and show symbol of courage and strength too for old man. See the Video lecture below and enjoy Urdu translation of The Old Man and The Sea.

The Old Man and the Sea, Lecture No 3 by Liaqat007

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