The Old Man and The Sea, Urdu Translation, Lecture No 10

This is 10th lecture of the novel The Old Man and The Sea. In this lecture we will see the old man. We have discussed many questions in like the old man’s love with nature and other creature and knowledge about fish and fishing. We also discussed the very important question of The old man’s talks to himself.

In this lecture, we see a very beautiful scene of a small bird came and sit on the skiff. The old man talked to the bird in beautiful words saying,” How old are you….is this your fist trip? The bird was very much tired so it sit on the line and teetered on it as his delicate feet griped it fast. Here the old man again showed his experience and knowledge about fish and fishing when he tell us about this small bird and hawks. These hawks often come to see these small birds and small fish.

The Old man felt pain on his back at nigh time due to the pressure of the line than ran across his shoulder, so he started talking with that small bird, offering him to stay with him “stay at my house if you like, bird….I am sorry I cannot hoist the sail and take you in with the small breeze that is rising. But i am with a friend.” During this time fish made a lurch and pull the old man down on the bow of the fish and would have pulled him overboard if he had not embraced himself and gave some line. He also washed his hand in the sea water so that the cramping of his hand would decrease on his left hand that had been injured badly. He also ate small tuna to restore his strength in the sea for future.

He also talked with his left hand that was cramped badly saying, ” What kind of hand is that….Cramp then if you want. Make yourself into claw. It would do you no good.” now watch the lecture for more details.

lecture no 10 by Liaqat007

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