The Old Man and The Sea, Urdu Translation, 6th Lecture

This is 6th lecture of the novel the old man and the sea. In this lecture we will discuss some more question on like old man’s talking to himself or old man’s isolation or loneliness. It is the day time after old man’s sailing to sea. Now he cannot see the ships or other boats who also sailed at dawn.
We will also discuss the most important question of the novel “A man can be destroyed but not defeated“. His eyes are the symbol of his hope and determination in this lecture. He also sees man of war (a bird) to catch the fish from the sea. The bird also guides the signs of fish in the sea, shows the Experience of Hemingway about fishing. When the birds circles on the sea and around his head, he suddenly judges that there is a school of some fish in the sea, show a deep experience of Hemingway about fishing in the novel The Old Man and The Sea.

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