The Old Man and The Sea Lecture No 9 with Urdu Translation and Critical Comments

This is the 9th Lecture of the novel The Old Man and The Sea

In this lecture we see many new lines about old man’s knowledge about fish and fishing during he voyage with fish in the sea. In this part of the novel the old man discovers about Marlin male and female and how they travel in the sea. Once he caught a marlin and saw also male  marlin who was travelling with the boat to try to help its female fish. We also see the old man’s love with nature when he caught marlin and clubbed her bitterly, he was so sad and even the boy was also sad who helped the old man to carry the big marlin to the boat. At this moment the old man again remembers the boy’s companionship at this crucial time when he is also in the boat and this marlin is towing his boat to the dept of the sea.  These lines strengthen the question of the old  man’s talking to himself. He tries to get relief from his loneliness i the way of talking to himself.

Now let us see what more things you will find in the novel in this video lecture:

The old man and the sea lecture no 9 Urdu… by Liaqat007

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