The Old Man and The Sea, Lecture No 8, Urdu Translation

This is Lecture No 8 of the old man and the sea, in which we will see that now the old man has caught the great fish and now Marlin, the big and huge fish is rowing to the depth of the sea. He can judge the weight of the fish by pulling the skiff that how great and big size has he ( he uses the male word of pronoun for that fish till the end. This shows the old man’s knowledge about fish and fishing. When the fish is towing him and the skiff, the old man lets the lines leave for the fish to go down and down in the dept of the sea, so that he (the Fish) cannot feel any strain.

He feels that tuna is now in his mouth and that is why he has to give him more and more line so that he can swallow the tuna fish held in his mouth crosswise. Sometime he tightens the strain on the fish but due to he weight of fish he has to give more line. He also arranges other reserved coils to give more and more lines to that the fish can eat tuna more and it reach to his stomach. During this he talks with the fish like “Eat it more little,…. Eat it well” Once or twice he puts some pressure on the fish but it fruit no result to him, and the fish moves slowly to the depth of the sea.

Let us see what are more things in this lecture

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