The Old Man And The Sea, Lecture No 4 Urdu Translation

Get more knowledge from this lecture of The Old Man And The Sea. This is 4th lecture the old man remember about DiMaggio who is the symbol of courage for old man, shows old man’s heroism. We also see that Old Man shows his humbleness too when the boys says that i my point of view, you are the greatest fisherman among all the fishermen in this dock. Also we see old man’s experience about fish and fishing that is confirmed by the boy in this way ‘there is no such fish if you are still strong as young as you say’. we also see a strong question in this lecture that is ” The Old Man’s Simplicity” and one  more question on “Old Man’s Dreams” both these questions are very strong.

Let us see more important things in this lecture and see what importance is in this lecture , watch the video now:



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  1. Excellent sir, I have learn a lot from your lectures, Amazing and wonderful teaching method, Thanks for providing us such video lectures

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