The Old Man And The Sea, Lecture No 13; Urdu Translation:

This is our 13th lecture of the novel the old man and the sea, in which we will discuss some new questions as well as some running question about old man, sea, and fish (Marlin).   We see the old man again makes plan for the coming expected  clematises and challenges of fight with fish or any other. He shows experience at night to slow the speed of the fish. He uses expedience to use lash the both oars across the stern. The Old man intends to eat gut of dolphin to gain strength with the meat. As it is night time, so it is very difficult time for the fish especially at the setting of the sun.    The old also shares about he knowledge about fish and its meat comparing with bonito and tells that dolphin is rather harder than bonito to eat.

The old man also talks with fish saying, ” How do you feel fish? … I feel good and my left hand is better  and I have food for a night and a day. Pull the boat, fish.” The old man also shares his love with nature in this lecture telling his feeling of love with fish in this way, “The fish is my friend too, ….. I have never seen or heard of such a fish”. Though the old man loves the fish, yet he also shows his heroism here saying, “I must kill him,I am glad do not have to try to kill the stars”. The old man also shows some superstitions in this lecture too when he discusses about the killing of the sun, the moon or the stars.  The old man also now thinks to drag the fish so that the speed cannot be decreased and he can kill the fish as soon as possible. He knows that he is really a great fish so, he has to make some plans and use tricks to make this fish close with dragging and then killing the fish.

Now watch the lecture and see what more things are in this lecture:

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The old man and the sea lect 13 by Liaqat007

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