The Old Man And The Sea, Lecture No 11, Urdu Transaltion

This is our 11th lecture of the novel, The Old Man And The Sea, in this novel, we will carry on earlier questions as well as new questions:

Today we will discuss a new question about “The Hemingway’s writing style” . This is very important question in the novel, where we see how beautifully Hemingway writes this novel and what is specialty that made him to get award on this novel.  When the old mans was the  prisms in deep dark water of the sea and the clouds that were building up for trade wind and flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water.  He uses all these lines with symbolic ways and amuse the reader as he is watching a movie.

We again see some beautiful lines of old man knowledge about fish and fishing, like “if there is a hurricane, you always see the signs of it in the sky for  days ahead, if you are at sea. They do not see it ashore because they do not know what do not know, what to look for…”the land must make difference too, in the shape of clouds. but we have no hurricane coming now”.

The old man also abused his left hand that was still cramped and it was big hurdle for his to gain strength for coming fight or controlling fish.  He abused the left hand in these words, ”

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The Old Man and The Sea lecture no 11 by Liaqat007

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