The Old Man And the Sea 12th Lecture, Urdu Translation, The Role of DiMaggio And Hand Game Competition

This is our 12th lecture of the old man and sea. We will discuss many new questions in this lecture.
This is 2nd day of the old man in the sea and 2nd night is going to start and it made the old man amazed that still the fish is rowing him and is not tired.
In this lecture we will see the old man remember the DiMaggio and his baseball game. The role of DiMaggio in this novel is very interesting. He remember DiMaggio as the role of DiMaggio is very encouraging for old man.  Though the DiMaggio had a bone spur in his heel, yet he did all things perfectly even if he felt the pain of bone spur in his heel. The old man also remembers the coming dangers of sharks if they come, then he will have to fight with, he compares his power and strength with DiMaggio and his bone spur.

Here another most important question starts that is The old man’s hand game with Negro in Casablanca. This is most interesting and important incident the old man remembers at this crucial time. this fight was lasted one day and one night when he had this game with the strongest negro of the dock. Each one was trying to put down the other’s elbow on the table where chalk line was drawn for both. “There was much betting and people went in an out of room under the kerosene lights and he had looked at the  arm and the hand of the negro and at the  Negro’s face. They changed the referees every four hours after the first eight so the referees could sleep. Blood came out from under the nails of both his and the negro’s hands and they looked each other in the eyes and at their hands and  forearms and the bettors went in and out of the room and they sat on the high chairs against the walls and watched.

Now watch the video lecture and see what happened next in had game in video lecture:

the old man and the sea lecture no 12 by Liaqat007

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