The New Constitution, 3rd Video Lecture

Here is 3rd lecture One the best short of BA English, The New Constitution:
In this lecture we will discuss about Ustad Mangu’s expectation about The New Constitution. He wanted to see The New Constitution with full of colors and in psychical appearance. That is why he got up early in the morning on 1st April to see The New Constitution with new change and full of charm, but unexpectedly, he did not got good response as he was expected. He wanted to see the New Constitution as beautiful and physical shape as his own horse. He reached to Government College where students were coming out with their beautiful pinafores, but it seemed for Ustad Mangu not as colorful and beautiful as he was expected that all things would changed and seemed to be beautiful on the implementation of new constitution on 1st April morning.  He consoled himself that it was too early and the courts have not been opened yet, so it might be after the order of courts. So he expected to see the changes might be in the cantonment. So he reached in Cantt to see either any changes would impress but only same things as usual. At this moment he saw a Gora, soldier, it was the same whom he had quarrel a year before, but as he was not in force, so he had to bear the insult silently that time. So he was much disturbed and his rage was formed in shape of fight with Gora soldier in cantonment, and he beat his mercilessly to decrease his rage and hatred against the British soldiers.

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new constitution 3rd lecture by Liaqat007

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