The Necklace, Urdu Translation, 3rd Lecture

In the last lecture of the story, we see the miserable life of Matilda Loisel, who faced very hard life after losing the necklace. She had to change her lifestyle and to face her lodging too. She had learned heavy domestic work, getting water, vegetables from the market, made her life very painful and miserable. They had to pay the amount and debts for a necklace. It was very tortuous and troubled period of their life lasted ten years.

The End scene is also charming, encouraging but also heartbreaking. When she paid all debts, she encountered her old friend. Firstly, she did not recognize her, but when Matilda reminded her about her and the necklace, she was astonished to see her, how Matilda was changed. It was terrible when her friend told her that her necklace was faced and valued no more than 500 Francs.

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