The Necklace, Urdu Translation, 1st Video

The Necklace, is one of the most important short stories in selection of short stories in BA English Punjab and Sergodha University written by Guy De Maupassant. He is very famous French short story writer and novelist born at Tourrville-sur-Arques in 1850 and died in Paris 1893.

In the short story The Necklace Guy De Maupassant displays all the qualities in form which distinguish him as master artist of the short story writing. It is a superior work and its plot is conceived in terms of an affecting ironic reversal. Written in 1885, the story always has been singled out as an art finesse containing richness in respect of theme and technique. It describes a human difficulty in which the moral and social formidabilities are very strict.

A reader comes to know that the necklace which Madame Loisel replaces at the cost of her life and here marriage was actually fake and was thought to be real. Madame Loisel has replaced the face with genuine, “priding herself on an effort which is revealed on the last sentence of the story to have totally misdirected.  The Necklace is easily lost but Madame Loisel’s ten year of hardship are involved in replacing it. The entire life has been determined by a single accident, which mocks the whole scheme to things in this world.

“How strange life is”: she says “how fickle. How little is needed ruin or to save. This is the most severe irony of it.

The artistry of Maupassant is that he make all the ingenious combination of the story directed toward a single resolution, displaying all element of romance and his own type of social realism. In the drams of human life, chance sometimes, is more powerful than human resolution. It, is man’s destiny.

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