The Necklace Notes: Who is responsible for her tragedy

   the necklace the short storyQ No 1: “The Necklace” is a tragedy of vain, proud and showy woman.                     


Who is responsible for her tragedy?  


The story ‘The Necklace’ has been called a story of human vanity. Discuss.                    


What is the weakness of woman that has been ridiculed in this story?

Answer: ‘The Necklace’ by Maupassant is a story of human vanity. It is an excellent commentary (وضاحت) on human nature, especially the mentality of a woman. The writer wants to show how beautiful women feel proud of themselves. They know that physical beauty is the most significant merit of a woman.

Matilda was a vain and proud woman, fortunate in being born with a beautiful face and graceful body. Though she belonged to a humble family, yet she considered herself inferior to none. She felt that she was born for all delicacies (شان و شوکت) and luxuries (آسائشیں). She also felt that she was made for expensive frocks, jewels, and other such things. By her beauty, she considered it her right to enjoy the life of luxuries reserved for the highborn.

As she belonged to a family of clerks, she was married to a petty clerk. However, she was dissatisfied at this marriage. She thought that she was out of her class and belonged to upper class. The excessive fondness (شوق کی کثرت) on her part for jewelry and clothes became a cause of her final disaster. She did not like to visit her rich friends because it sharpened her sense of deprivation (محرومیت) and made her depressed for many days. Her decision to participate the Baal (ڈانس پارٹی) was not proper on her part. She felt elated (پرجُوش ہونا) t was the most charming woman at that function, and all eyes were fixed at her magical face.

So we can conclude that Matilda was very vain and proud of the beauty, and she was responsible for her tragedy.


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