The Killers Notes, powerful impact to the reader

‘The Killers’ has a powerful impact to the reader. Elaborate.


      ‘The Killers’ is a story of crime. It deals with the theme death and murder. Hemingway is a super writer and he has presented two killers, professional cutthroats in a very realistic way, which gives birth to a special unseen force in the story. The story leaves a great impact on the mind of reader. The story points out the young people as Al and Max adopt
) (اختیار کرنا criminal (مجرمانہ) life because they are unemployed. Unemployment (بے روزگاری) produces criminal and murders. Both killers come into lunchroom to kill Ole Andreson. They are rough and rude to the members of lunchroom. Both, Al and Max show full mastery of situation. For more than two hours, they are master in the restaurant. The killers spread fear among all the three staff members of the restaurant. They talk about very freely, why they would kill Ole Andreson. They control the situation fully in the restaurant. They are so professional and clever that they eat dinner with their gloves on so that no any law enforcement agency can chase (پیچھاکرنا) by the fingerprints. When they gag Nick and Sam on gunpoint, reader also shudders. When they go out of the place, they leave fearful impact (خوفناک اثر) not only to the members but also to the reader. We also come to note another fearful impact of the killers. They have been following Ole with such an accurate continuity that Ole Andreson has now resigned himself to his fate. The killers have done their work well. They have killed Ole Andreson’s personality, though he is still alive. This is really, a very powerful impact that shows that this is powerful story.   


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