The Happy Prince, Urdu Translation, 2nd Video Lecture

This is 2nd video lecture of the story The Happy Prince, in This Lecture we see that little swallow comes and spends a night with the Happy Prince but feels that The Happy Prince is weeping. The little swallow asks the reason of weeping, at this time  The Happy Prince tells him the reason of weeping and explains that when he was alive, people loved him and he was very happy. Now as he is died and fixed on very high place, now he can see the miseries and problems of the people. He is now helpless to feel but cannot help the people.  The Happy Prince requests the swallow to stay with him one night and help the poor people. The he explains to pluck out all his gold leaves  step by step after one an other the problem of the people of his body and give to the poor so that they can lead comfortable and  tells what the people feel at the time of poverty and misery.

Let us see in the Video lecture what is more in the story  The Happy Prince.

Happy Prince lect 2 by Liaqat007

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