The Happy Prince, Urdu Translation 1st Video Lecture

The Happy Prince is very important short story written by Oscar Wilde. It is basically, a fantasy and super natural story, but deliver to us a great message and moral lesson, highlights the misery and poverty of thee poor and miserable people and how are they tortured and disgraced by Elite class. Happy Prince and Swallow are the symbol of kindness who have lovable heart for the people and try to help the people.

In this 1st video lecture, we will see an introduction of the Happy Prince and how was he appreciated by the people who loved him beauty and grandeur because he was gilded with gold and fixed on very high column. Different people remember him in different way according to their  minds and according to their own interests.

let us see what are the comments of the people for the Happy Prince in its time of glory.

Happy Prince lect 1 by Liaqat007

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