The Happy Prince Notes: “The Happy Prince” is a Fairy-tale? Eleoborte

               “The Happy Prince” is a fantasy. Discuss.

Answer: The Happy Prince is an interesting fairy tale. It is romantic burdened with deep meaning on various aspects of life. It has been invented to teach a moral lesson. The writer wants to teach us the secret of happiness in this world.

‘The fairy tale belongs to folk literature and is part of oral tradition. In written form, the fairy tale tends to be a narrative in prose about the fortune and misfortunes of a hero or heroine who, having experienced various misfortunes of a more or less super natural kind, lives happily even after. Magic, charms disguise and spells are some of the major ingredients of such stories, which are often subtle (slight) in interpretation of human nature and psychology.

The happy prince used to live a cut-off life in his Sans-Souci “where sorrow is not allowed to enter”. He could not see the sufferings of people in the city. However, when he died and was fixed on pedestal in middle of the city, he should see “all the ugliness and all the misery” of his city. This enabled him to see the patheticدکھ بھرے)) scenes of poverty, human misery and injustice. Being a human being, the prince could not be indifferent to the pains and sorrow of other human beings. His heart was deeply grieved, though it was made of lead. Human sympathy forced him to do something to alleviate pains and sufferings from human life.

The prince gave away all the gold leaves. The swallow took things to the needy and helpless people. Therefore, both innocent characters helped the miserable.

The result was strange. Both sacrificed themselves for good of humanity. So God brought them in Paradise and they were appreciated to the full.

All these elements mentioned above are all away from reality but give us good moral lesson to help poverty and misery and get reward by God.

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