The Happy Prince Lecture No 3, Urdu Translation and Critical Analysis

In the 3rd Lecture we see that Happy Price helps more people with the help of Swallow. The swallow after helping 1st persons decides to live with him and when Happy Prince becomes blind, he decides to live with him forever. After request of The Happy Prince, he also plucks all this leaves of Gold from the whole body of The Happy Prince and delivers to the poor people who have not one time bread . After this help, people are happy, and children play in streets with all pleasures. But now winters comes and it is bitter time for survival of little swallow. When frost comes, little swallow dies in the feet of The Happy Prince and at the same  time the heart  of The Happy Prince also breaks. Mayor throw them on heap and with the body he desires to make new statue of him but all other also stats quarreling with same desire.  God gives them reward and sends an angel to bring most precious things from the world and the angel brings the heat of The Happy Prince and little swallow to God’s paradise.

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Happy Prince lecture 3 by Liaqat007

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