The Eclipse, 2nd Lecture, Urdu Translation and Critical Comments

In our 2nd lecture we will see the beautiful picture of the Eclipse and how did it started its fight with clouds and then appeared. when the sacred time started, the sky was open in front of the people but also some patches of clouds also appearing. At that time some patches of clouds began to cover the sun on that sacred minutes. Its brightness and light started to fade when the cl;old covered the sun. the colors o the world also began to disappear from the earth. The blue grew purple and the pink changed into grew green. The light turned into shadows and all the shadows began to become darker and darker. Then as time passed, the time of eclipse completed, there was no light, and we saw complete darkness every were that there is no life on the earth. The sun looked like a skeleton and it seemed that the earth was dead  But this lasted only for a short and sacred period. Then the sun tore the clouds and showed appearance from its one corner.That was the astonishing moment: and the next when as if a ball had rebounded, the cloud took colour on itself again; and so the light came back. A ray of hope glittered with the ray of sunlight. The sun seemed to be struggling to get rid of the clouds of eclipse. By and by the light of sun grew its brightness restoring the colors and warmth of earth. Finally the sun shone with full face and earth again turned into a colorful living thing.They came back astonishingly lightly and quickly and beautifully in the valley and over the hills, at first with a glittering and theatricality. The color for some moments was of the most lovely kind – fresh, various – here blue, and there brown: all new colors, as if washed over and repainted. It was like recovery. We had been much worse than we had expected. We had seen the world dead. We were bitterly cold.

Now watch the video lecture to read all information in Urdu translation of chapter:

the eclips 2nd video by Liaqat007

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