The Duchess and The Jeweller, Last Lecture

This is very important lecture of our short story the  The Duchess and The Jeweller. In this last part of the story we will see the meeting between The Duchess And The Jeweller, where The Duchess again comes to see him with the purpose to selling some pearls. But either are they fake or real diamond pearls, this is important part of thus lecture.

Now after waiting in lobby ten minutes, The Duchess entered in the office with her full of elegance and beauty. She said Good morning and then opened her heart to hear her story, but when they touched the hands each other, there was a link forged between them, “They were friends yet enemies, he was master, she was mistress, each cheated the other, each needed the other, each feared the other, each felt this and knew this every time when they touched hands thus in the little back room with white light outside”.

Now Oliver asked about the purpose of arrival. Now Duchess told him the whole new story with her crocodile tears and took out the a pouch and dropped ten pearls. She told that she had only these pearls left here. Oliver picked one of them to check either it is real or fake. She moaned that these were last one that she had. Now Oliver thought that either had she come to deceive him again selling fake pearls or she is in real pitiable condition. He was about to think to test under the lens when when tried to divert him to other point so that he may trust her to give her twenty thousand pounds. She also abused her husband so that he would be convinced. Then Duchess used the names of her daughter, whom Oliver liked and but also love one of her daughter. Those were Araminta, Dephne and Diana  but Oliver loved Diana. She also insisted to spend a weekend with her to enjoy. This was heart touching point that made Oliver to sign on twenty thousand pounds and he signed on it. The Duchess again went with twenty thousand pounds and when she went, The Jeweller tested the pearl and found again fake pearls.

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3rd lecture The Duchess and The Jeweller by Liaqat007

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