The Duchess And The Jeweller, 2nd Lecture

In our 2nd lecture of the short story The Duchess And The Jeweller, we see Oliver Bacon was fining more and more to satisfy himself. Whenever he crossed the streets of Piccadilly, he swayed like a camel with his blue overcoat.     “For was he not still a sad man, a dissatisfied man, a man who seeks something that is hidden though he had won his bet?”  The writer beautifully compares his craze in beautiful  words, ” “the camel despises the grocers, the camel is dissatisfied with lot, the camel sees the blue lake and the fringe of palm in front of it. So the great jeweller in the whole world, swung down Piccadilly, perfectly dressed with his gloves, with his cane, but dissatisfied still, till reached the dark little shop, that was famous in France, in Germany, in Austria, in Italy and all over America….The little little shop in the street off Bond Street”.
He entered in his office without speaking and opened the safes of his jewels and took out big jewel boxes from the safes in which there were all kinds of jewels like bracelets, necklaces, rings, tiaras, ducal, coronets, loose stones in glass, rubies, emeralds, pearls, diamonds. “safe, shining , coll, yet burning, eternally with own compressed light”.

All these jewels were like gunpowder that were enough to blow the Mayfair. Now the telephone bell rang and he shut the safe to see his customer for meeting. After knowing the costumer, he told his servant to wait ten minutes. During this time, ” again he dismantled himself and became once more the little boy playing marbles in the alley where they sell stolen dogs on Sunday” H became that astute little boy, with lips like wet cherries. He dabbled his fingers in ropes of tripe, he dipped them in pans of frying fish, he dodged in and out among the crowds. He was slim, lissome, with eyes like ,licked stones.”

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duchess and jeweller lect 2 by Liaqat007

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