The Duchess and The Jeweler, Urdu Translation, Lecture No 1

The Duchess and the Jeweler is one of the best short story in BA English syllabus. We see in The Duchess and the Jeweler two main characters Oliver Bacon and Duchess of Lambourine. The Duchess and the Jeweler  is not a short story of the kind of ‘Kew Garden” in which there is no philosophy, no moral and no form in the usual sense. Woolf’s belief, however that the poetry does not deserve any supremacy over prose and highest phrase, is the very end is bedecked with beautiful and evocative words, phrases and sentences, that it looks like an effort to realize the adequacy of prose.

No question, the writer of the The Duchess and The Jeweler shows the British community of her time. It was an age of conversion. The high-ups were coming down because of their ethical decadence and the commoners were going up regardless of their emotional fixations.

To meet her objective, the writer presents figures – the Duchess and the jeweler. The Duchess symbolizes the high-ups. The jewelers symbolizes the commoners. His name is Oliver Bacon. At the beginning of the story, the writer speaks about commoners through Oliver Bacon, the jewelers. She informs people how the commoners went up. Oliver Bacon was a commoner because he used to reside in a dirty, little street. Then gradually he went up and became one of the high-ups of the British community. Now he resided at Piccadilly. It was the most stylish and costly place in London, UK.

He had become so essential that each day he obtained invitation cards from the upper class of the British community. Even the Duchess of Lambourne patiently waited for his satisfaction outside his personal workplace.

Then the writer speaks about the high-ups. To get her preferred twenty-thousand, the Duchess had neglected all her upper class. She was always in poverty because of her ethical decadence. She gambled. To organize for the cash she marketed bogus pearl jewelry to Oliver twice but this was not all. She had so much ethical decadence that she used Diana, her little girl, to entrap Oliver Bacon.

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