The Character of Matilda

Character of Matilda

Similar the cut glass gemstones in the necklace for the story “The Necklace” are known as; Madame Loisel’s life is frauds. She devalues her modest life, her husband, her place, her dresses, and instead only finds satisfaction in goals of glamor and improvement. Her story is a cautionary story that trivial splendid luxuries and pleasantries are not always, what they seem. The dogged desire of these can keep you destroy you in the end.

Madame Loisel is not able to raise the value of the real love and commitment of her husband. He always will be a petty clerk in her thinking and point of view. She lastly reveals a sign of love when he confirms to allow her to buy the precious dress for their ball. She is not able to see the implicit value of his passion. Monsieur Loisel is not without mistake himself. He confirms to abandon the buy of a gun to allow his husband to buy her ball outfit, but he is defective when he helps her trivial opinions, even out of love. When the necklace is missing at the ball, he connects his husband in a cover up — an act made out of love but for the contaminated inspiration of retaining the fact.

For Madame Loisel, the class is everything. She is so jealous of the higher class; she cannot keep bearing her old friend from her convent times because the friend symbolizes everything, she does not have. At the end of the story, the class structure is switched on its go. We understand the necklace that Madame Loisel obtained from her wealthy friend is value only 500 francs, not 36,000 francs. As compare with the necklace, the aristocratic lifestyles are also in illusion and artificialities. After a lifetime wishing for it, Madame Loisel faced with a higher class that is not what it was expected to be in her perspective.

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