The Breakfast; Urdu Translation and Critical Analysis, 2nd Video Lecture

This is 2nd video lecture of the most important story The Breakfast in BA English Punjab University. This part of lecture tells us the generosity of and hospitality of village people. Both men not only offered him to have the breakfast with them but also offered him cotton picking. This dress was very simple. Their eating and serving pots, spoons, forks, plates and platters were very simple and made of teen. But their hearts were very good and generous. They were very hard working, unable to purchase good dress despite in peak season, as they purchased now the new dungarees. But the writer also notices that the girl wore faded cotton skirt and faded cotton waist. She tied her hair with little a string. Still they offered the writer good breakfast and hot coffee, that the writer remembered and was so much inspired by the hospitality that he wrote this story.
See the Video now for complete analysis and Urdu translation

breakfast 2nd part by Liaqat007

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