The Boy Comes Home, Video Lecture No 4, Urdu Translation

Today we will discuss many things in 4th lecture of the one-act play, the boy comes home. As we see that Uncle James is now in dream and now starts suppressing his nephew to do work according to his will and decide what he likes and also threatens his to use the power of money against him in 3rd lecture. Philip feels very much pain that us uncle want to have a row with him, so he decides to reject his jam business. At this point Uncle James bursts up at his nephew and abuses him saying ‘young puppy’. Now Philip also becomes angry reacts very severely to his uncle. When his uncles expresses his power of to use the money, Philip dis-hearts and says to his uncle, “that’s rather awkward, isn’t it?”

Now Philip also decides to show his power in his own style, taking out his revolver from his pocket and fondles it affectionately. Watching th revolver to Philip’s hand make uncle James startled and now his all anger cools down. When Philip aim at his uncle, his uncle frightens completely and says to his nephew to put the empty revolver down, but Philip confirms that it is now empty, it is loaded. This things make Uncle James to kneel down in-front of his nephew. After sometime uncle James recovers his fear and tells that he will not be pressurized by Philip’s this act and say to his nephew, ” I don’t know what the object of all this tomfoolery it, if it has one. but you understand that I expect you to come to the office with me tomorrow at nine o’clock. Kindly see that you’re punctual”

Here Philips shouts in parade voice, “Stand to attention when you talk to an officer”. This act makes Uncle James nervous and now tries to make his nephew understand that he cannot kill an Englishman in England but Philip is not convinced by uncle Jame’s argument. Here Philip tells his uncle, “but revolver often go off incidentally. You said so yourself,. This is going to be the purest accident”.

Now watch the video lecture for more detail and information about their fight in video lecture:

the boy comes home lecture 4 by Liaqat007

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