The Boy Comes Home, Urdu Translation, Lecture No 2

This is 2nd lecture of the one-act play in which we see when Philip tells her that he has given order to Mary for breakfast, she doesn’t obey threatens to give me the one month notice for leaving job, Philips suddenly gives advance cheque or twelve months salary: This thing alerts Mrs. Higgins as she resigns to her words and agrees to provide the breakfast. At the same time when Philips starts breakfast at 10, Uncle James comes to the drawing-room and asks about Philips. Aunt Emily informs that he is taking breakfast. On this Uncle James becomes infuriated and warns Emily to tell Philips to learn the rules and regulation of this house. Aunt Emily tells her husband that he is now changed so, he should not treat him with harsh words.

We see Uncle James’ character and about his physical appearance.  Uncle James is middle ages person with some grey hairs. Show by face a strict person. He also complains the illegal legislation of government for excess profit tax.   He also informs Aunt Emily to learn punctuality. He wants to decide his future according to his mind.

Uncle James inform Emily that he has done very much for Philip and now he should do any plan according to his planing, especially joining Jam business.  He also informs that though he has learned a lot of things in war, but he has not learnt any thing for business. Uncle James tells Emily that if he wants to decide to choose any profession according to his will, he can, we his words as ” if he likes to ear his living any other way, he may; but I don’t see how he proposes to do it so long s I hold the purse-strings”

Aunts Emily goes to call Philip to  Uncle James but also stresses that he should treat with Philip softly. He sits and begins to doze and now all scenes start in dreams.

Now watch the video lecture  of the play The Boy Comes Home to see what more information is in the 2nd Video Lecture:

the boy comes home lecture 2 by Liaqat007

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