The Boy Comes Home, Urdu Translation and Critical Analysis, 1st Video Lecture

The Boy Comes Home is the most interesting and beautiful play, gives us a message the old generation should not force new generation to obey the orders by force. It is natural phenomena, that if you try to suppress anybody by force, its reaction also fruit disaster.   In this play, we find two main characters, Philip and Uncle James, and 3 other characters, Emily, Aunt of Philip, Mrs. Higgins and Mary. The whole plays moves round only two main character and all major incidents are seen in dream, where Uncle James has a row with his nephew Philip to force him to join his Jam business after returning to war. Philip does not agree and acts very rudely when he comes after war and in response of uncle James, he forces him with his revolver and grenade.

In 1st lecture, when the curtain raises, we see Philip is in dining table and asks for breakfast. The scene of the room is it furnished with Victorians style, with heavy table and heavy engraving s on the walls.    The time is ten- o- clock and Philips call Marry to bring a breakfast. She explains that the breakfast time is 8 according to master’s rule. Here we see all three characters Marry, Mrs. Higgins  and Aunt Emily. Marry afraid of Mrs. Higgins that she may scold for breakfast. In the same time Aunt Emily comes to see Philip. She asks about Philip’s sleep and during their conversation, Mrs. Higgins comes with extremely angry voice to tell that breakfast time is over.


Now watch the video to read the translation and more information about the play:

the boy comes home lecture 1 by Liaqat007

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