The Boy Comes Home: Urdu Translation, 3rd Lecture

In  our 3rd lecture of the boy comes home, we see many things about the character of Philip and his Uncle James.  We see that Uncle James is now sleeping deeply and all next scenes come in dream. When Philips come in dream he has a cigar in his hand. Uncle James speaks to him very harshly, that has done his breakfast after two hour of waiting. But Philips takes it lightly and doesn’t care on Uncle James and his talks. When he warns him not to smoke in the room, he even does not feel ashamed by the words of   Uncle James. Uncle James again wars him show his punctuality and respect int his house. But again Philip again  is unimpressed and he demands his money that his late father has left in inheritance, but Uncle James denies to show any readiness to give him money until he reached to the age of 25. Uncle James shows his power to force him with power of money.,.  Here Philips convinces Uncle James to tell that he has become mature and can do his right decision for his future.  He also give an example of war where he used his right decision to move his company to go forward to the safe place. Here Uncle James does not agree to listen this and agree to give the whole money of inheritance. Philip again tries that he has now much knowledge of life, but in response Uncle James says, “yes, but you make too much of this war. Al you young boys see to think you’ve back from France to teach us our business. You will find that it is you who’ll have to learn, not we. ” This is the point of main theme of the play, that show the generation gap between old and new generation. Old people never ready to accept any proposal or suggestions as they think that they are on right place, but don’t want to accept reality.

Now watch the lecture and see what more in this play:

the boy comes home lecture 3 by Liaqat007

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