The Boy Comes Home, Last Video Lecture, Urdu Translation:

In this last video lecture of one act play, we will find the conclusion of fight between Uncle James and Philip and the effect of Philip’s threat to Uncle James personality and behavior.

We see in the start of the lecture that again James try to regain his confidence, saying, ” And if I refuse, you’ll show me?”.  But, Philip make his uncle understand, if he does not change his behavior, anything can be happened. He explains to his uncles, “One day, if you go on being unreasonable, the thing will go of. Of course, you think that I shouldn’t have th pluck to fire. But you can’t be quite certain”.

Then Philip points his revolver to aim to Uncle James and now Uncles with agony and terror knees down with his uplifted hands and agrees to the terms of Philip. Here Philips give him a chance to sit comfortably on the chair, while he brings the papers for terms. Here Uncle James suddenly wakes up and watched his watch and hands in bewilderment to see either it is a dream or reality.  In a meanwhile he also looks Philip with piece of toast in his hand. Uncle James feels complete awkwardness, showing no any courage and strictness.

Philip advises his that he should sleep well at night despite getting up too early and dosing on chairs.  Uncle James still does not sure that he has seen a dream or it has been happened in reality.  Observing the surprise of his nephew Uncle James here laughs awkwardly to recover himself in present state. When Philip puts his hands in his coat, again Uncle James shivers with horror, but when Philip brings out his pipe, the grin of relief comes to Uncle James’ face. Uncle James also asks about revolver and when Philip tells him that he will sell the revolver, Uncle James becomes very happy and suggest to join and run his Jam business. What more in this lecture we will in the video.

So, watch a Video Lecture of the play the boy comes home now for final results of fight:

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the boy comes home lecture 5 by Liaqat007

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