The Bear, Urdu Translation, Last Lecture, Turning Point, Love Scene

In our last lecture we see the Smirnov falls in love with Popova due to her bravery and courage to fight with him. Smirnov tells her how to fire the pistol and during his training he comes close to her and feels her closely and praise her qualities and beauty. When she is ready to be able to fire, the n Popova says to Smirnov to go out in the garden to fight as in the room, firing is not suitable. At this point, Smirnov says that he will fire in the air, in spite of firing at her. Popova assumes that he is now afraid of fighting. Here Smirnov expresses his love that he has fallen into love with her. Popova first, infuriates and pint him to go out for fight. As Smirnov reaches to the door, he turns back to Popova and watches her in silence. She too, watches him in silence, showing her readiness of love, and Smirnov returns to Popova. But again she expresses that she hates him, here Smirnov expresses his feeling of love in this way, ” God, what a women! I’ve never in my life seen one like her! I’m lost! Done for! Fallen into a mousetrap like a mouse!…”.the bear romantic scene

When Popova threaten her to shot him, he adds, ” You can’t understand what happiness it would be to die before those beautiful eyes, to shot by a revolver held in that little velvet hand… I’m out of my senses! Think and make your mind at once, because if I go out, we shall never see each other again! Decide now…” Here Smirnov even kneels down to offer his hand to her, and when  she doesn’t agree, he suddenly gets ups and goes to the door, here, suddenly Popova stops him, and expresses her readiness for love but does not expresses clearly. So Smirnov returns to her, catches her hand and hugs her and starts kissing when Luka with three other fellow servants enters in the room and watches the whole scene of romance:

Now Watch the Video Lecture and see how they express their feeling of love:

the bear one act play, last lecture by Liaqat007



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