The Bear, One Act Play, Lecture no 1

This is 1st lecture of one-act play The Bear, very important and interesting play in paper A. We see in this play two main characters Popova and Smirnove and one supporting character of Luka, the servant of Popova. Pova is the widow and she claims her true love to her late husband ewaring mourning dress and burrying herself into foir walls. When Luka try to make her understand that she should enjoy her life and lead her life happily, she does not agree with his suggestion and tells that she will lead her whole life in widow dress and will not get any pleasure in her life. During this conversation Smirnove comes and she denies to see his due this state of mind. Smirnove does not listen to Luka and enters to Popova’s home pushing Luck from the door. Lect us see what comes next why this play is titles as the bear.

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