The Bear, Intense Fight Between Popova and Smirnov

This is 4th lecture of the one act play, The bear, in which Smirnov and Popova not only blame each other, but also abuse and quarrel violently each other. Now to her turn she also blames on the nature of men especially of her husband. She tells about her husband “after his death I found in his desk a whole drawer full of love-letters, and when he was alive-it’s an awful thing to remember!— he used to leave me alone for weeks at a time, and make love to other women and betray my very eyes; he washed my money and made fun of my feeling….And in spite of all that, I loved him and was true to him….And not only that, but, now that he is dead, I am still true and constant to his memory. I have shut myself for ever within these four walls, and will wear these weeds to the end”

Here Smirnov laughs at her and taunts her that she has buried herself in four walls wearing black domino is only artificial mourning. He call her ‘ the mysterious Tamara, who, for her husband, buried herself between four walls’.

Here Popova burst with anger and starts scolding Smirnov.   He Smirnov is also infuriated and both scold each other and Popova with extreme anger says, ” I shan’t give you a farthing, just to spite you. You leave me alone. Here Luka also tries to convince Smirnov to go out, when Smirnov shouts at him with extreme anger that Luka falls on chair.

Here we see the main title word used by Popova when she abuses Smirnov with such words, ” You’re a boor! A coarse bear! A bourbon! A monster!”

Listening such words from Popova, Smirnov decides to fight with her saying” We’ll fight it out. I’m not going to be insulted by anybody, and I don’t care if you are a women, one of the ‘softer sex,”Indeed!”

Popova uses the word bear thrice at this point,

Now watch the lecture and see what more information is in this video

the bear lect no 4 by Liaqat007

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