The Bear, Fight Between Popova and Smirnov Urdu Translation, 3rd Video Lecture

The Bear is beautiful one-act play in BA English play. Int this lecture we see the fight between Popova and Smirnov. Here when Popova denies to give the money at the spot and he begin to blame Popova and abuse women with their cruel nature. Here he uses most important lines where he also says that he will not be deceived by the women now as in the past in youth. He explains that in his time has seen more women that she has seen sparrows, three-time has he has fought duels on account of women. He has refused twelve women and nine women have refused him.”There was a time when I played the fool, scented myself, used honeyed words, wore jewellery, made beautiful bows….i used to love, to suffer, to sigh at the moon, to get sour, to thaw, to freeze… I used to love passionately, madly, every blessed way, devil take me; I used chatter like magpie about emancipation, and wasted half my wealth on tender feelings, but now, you must excuse me!

now watch the video lecture and see what are more important lines in this lecture;

the bear lecture no 3 by Liaqat007

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