The Bear, Fight between Popova and Smirnov One Act Play, 4th video Lecture, Urdu Translation

This is 4th Video lecture of the play The Bear, in which we find the intense quarrel between Popova and Smirnov. After blaming about the natures of women Popova now blames on men’s nature, especially her husband when he has died, she is blaming that he was insincere and faithless person, he used to leave him for many days, and affairs with other women. But she also now claims that she is true with him and she has buried herself into four walls wearing mourning dress for his love.

Here Smirnov explains that she is wearing mourning dress, and showing artificial love and regret for her husband, as she has not forgotten to use powder on her face. This agonizes Popova and she explodes with anger, and uses very rough language for Smirnov and abuse him. Smirnov does not bear this and declares to fight with pistols. Popova tells that she has some pistols of her late husband. Here Luka completely frightens by such fights and implored Smirnov to leave her and go away, Popova goes to bring pistols, at the same time, Smirnov suddenly begins to like Popova, confessing her bravery to accept his challenge of fight. He call her, a real gunpowder, a rocket and likes her abilities, even ready to leave his debt too for her.

Let us see what is next in this lecture:

the bear lect no 4 by Liaqat007

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