The Bear, Character of Smirnov and Popova Lecture No 2

In this lecture we will see the arrival of Smirnov and his demand for his money on one thousand and two hundred roubles and two bills of exchange.  When Popova asks what kind of debt her husband, Smirnove explains that he used to buy oats from him. She tells the has not such money at this time, the day after tomorrow, her steward will come and will pay you. Smirnov does not agree on this and tell that he has to pay the interest due tomorrow. If he does not pays they will take all his estate and destroy his life.  Popova still insist that she cannot pay at this time and now it is her state of mind that prevents her any kind of money matter. This annoys Smirnov and again and again asks his money. She goes to her private room, but Smirnov also decides that will stay here until he get his money.

Now watch the video lecture and find how she respond on his stay and how their fight begins on this matter.

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