TheTell Tale Heart, Short Story, Urdu Translation

Tell Tale Heart is the story of psychological abnormalities and strange fantasies. The narrator of the story tells us his  inner feeling, though try to show himself as a prefect person with any psychological issue, yet at the end his inner nature discloses towards the policemen. Along with the smooth sails of normal and natural episodes, sometimes on pages together, he abruptly catches the reader unaware into  an a nightmare which does not let him (reader)  go then. A reader then lives in the world of horror, stupor, specter and discordant realities. And Poe the writer of the story is a consummate artist of creating such an atmosphere most effectively.

In the 2nd paragraph of the story The Tell Tale Heart, immediately after introducing the subject he abruptly but most effectively declares to the reader that he wishes to kill the old man; ” I made up my mind to take the life of the old man…..”

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