Take Pity,Character of Rosen.

Write A Note On Character of Rosen.


Who is The Hero of the Story?


What Are The Qualities, Which Make Rosen Hero?

Answer:             Rosen, The Hero of The Story:

Rosen, the hero of the story is middle age, weak, sick and perhaps, thin person. He has one kidney only and in his condition, he does not to expect live longer. He is an over-sensitive and sentimental fellow. May be these reasons that he has not yet married although, there is no monetary hindrance in his marriage because he is well off. He has two-family house in which the top floor is empty. 
He has developed sympathy for Axel Kalish, Eva’s husband, through his routine coffee salesmanship. He sincerely advises Axel to leave the shop and Be a painter, a janitor, a junkman, but get out of here before everybody is a skeleton”. Axel agrees but to that time does not him chance and he dies the same day. 

Rosen is practical man and is fully sympathetic. For this quality, he suggests to eave the shop at once, “take the money and your children and run away from here. Let the creditors take the store. What will they get? Nothing:” But Eva Does not agree and tries to run the store with insurance of 1000 dollars. For sympathy, he then tells Eva, to marry some one because she is still young. However, she becomes fatalist and denies marrying any person due to be a widow. Rosen now begins to love Eva and proposes her to marry but she becomes infuriated and says to Rosen, “I had enough with sick men”. He then requests Eva to go with him to marriage broker to find healthy and suitable husband. Eva rejects this offer too. He also offers her to restore the store again but again gets negative answer. At the end, he goes to lawyer to make a will, transferring all his money and investments and tries to commit suicide but it fails. At last, he finds Eva standing outside the window, raising hands in plea. However, here Rosen is so in bitter mood, he begins to abuse her.
Therefore, we find Rosen as a hero because he goes on hearing and tolerating the harsh words and bitter talk of Eva her rejections of his proposals 

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