Take Pity: What Were the Ways in Which Rosen Tried to Help Eva?    

                How did Rosen tried to help Eva?


Did Rosen take pity on or love Eva in “Take Pity”.

Bernard Malamud’s short story Take Pity presents two main characters with opposing sentiments. Rosen is sympathetic and considerate character whereas Eva is a woman with self-respect and self-confidence, rather over-confidence women. take pity short story  Rosen was a man full of the milk of human kindness. He could not help feeling for the widow and daughters of his deceased friend who had died suddenly before his eyes. He offered Eva to shift to a two family house owned by him. Strangely enough, Eva did not pay heed to his advice and answered her charity we do not need”. Rosen made her even offer of marriage to provide her and her daughters an honorable living. He told her that he was a diseased man with only one kidney, who had only short time. After the death, he will leave large property for her and her children. However, she replied, “I have enough with sick men.”  Later on, he begged her to get married to someone else and offered her to give dowry. However, she did not accept the offer. He felt that he really, began to love her. He tried to help the girls with some cakes but next day the girls even denied to accept saying, “we can’t take, Momma says today is fast day.” He also wanted to renovate the store for Eva with his investment without any kind of obligation on her. Still she did not accept that. Rosen in love also became “too weak to eat”. He told that “for two days I took in my mouth nothing except may be a spoon of chicken noodle soup, or may be a glass without sugar.” In the end, Rosen consulted lawyer and prepared will to give all his investment and property transferring to Eva and her daughters and attempted to commit suicide but it failed. Eva came to know all that convinced of the love and sincerity of Rosen and decided to yield to his wishes. She came to see him, suddenly Rosen saw Eva standing outside the window of his room raising her arms in supplicationدرخواست)) but Rosen was in such a bitter mood at that time that he shook his fist at her called her bitch and wore. Thus self-respecting Eva, who could not be purchased with acts of kindness and charity, was won over with love 

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