Take Pity, Urdu Translaion, 1st Video Lecture

Take Pity, as the title of the story, tell us a beautiful lesson, how to take pity on others and how other people will respond you. This story has two main characters Eva and Rosen.

Rosen an ex-coffee salesman, wants to help Eva after the death of her husband, he sincerely, tries to help Eva and her two daughters, because he takes pity on her and her children.

Eva misjudge her help in negative way and refuses every kind of help. Rosen determines to help and take pity to Eva in every way, but he get no response from Eva. At last Rosen find a last step to take pity and help Eva to after writing a will and committing suicide. but unfortunately he does not fulfill his last attempts.

In this 1st lecture of take pity, we will see an interview from his friend Davidov who is a census-taker to find out reason of his committing suicide then story runs in past incidents.

Now watch the video lecture and listen the details

Take Pity 1st Lecture by Liaqat007

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